Rowan van Dyk
Head of Company

Rowan is the head of Avacare Training . Rowan holds a BCom degree as well as a MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Rowan has 32 [...]

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Darren van Dyk
Training Coordinator

Darren is training coordinator for Namibia and is responsible for the coordination of training as well as one-on-one coaching and assessing of pr [...]

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Melissa Wolfaardt

Melissa is the bookkeeper and is responsible for controlling and reporting on all the financial issues of the company. Melissa holds a Diploma in [...]

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Theon Burger
Technical Specialist

Theon has been involved in the medical field in excess of 50 years. Theon holds a Diploma in Infection Control as well as a Diploma in Operating [...]

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South Africa
T: +27 22 783 0537
M: +27 82 728 3995 (Rowan)

T: +264 81 645 2722
M: +264 81 645 2722 (Darren)
M: +264 81 663 6249 (Rowan)

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