Why should I make use of accredited training?
Providing accredited training that has programme approval with the applicable SETA (South Africa) or NQA (Namibia) ensures that your staff received the appropriate credits for the training undertaken as well as your organisation being able to reclaim your SDL or VET Levies
How do I know if the provider is accredited or not?
Any accredited provider should be able to produce an Accreditation Number which is allocated by the relevant SETA (South Africa) or NQA (Namibia). You can also contact the applicable SETA or NQA via their respective websites to check whether the provider is accredited. Do not merely take the provider's word for it.
If I do online training how do the assessments get done?
At the moment there is no system in place to allow the online uploading of evidence for assessments. When you enrol on a course you will be given the option of assessments and we will be notified immediately. we will contact you and ,make the necessary arrangements for you to submit your evidence for assessment
Why should I make use of online training?
Many employers do not have the time available to let their staff go to training sessions held during working hours. This offers them the opportunity to have their staff trained (and assessed) in their own time. The course can be run on a PC, Laptop, I-pad or tablet or any smartphone
How do I access online training courses
Login at the top right of the home page and select the course you require. Follow the actions to get to the payment screen and select the payment option you require. Once payment has been made (either Debit or Credit Card) you will be re-directed to the course.
How do I login to access the courses
If you have not registered yet, select the (SIGN UP) option top right of the home page and complete the registration form. You will need to select a User Name and Password for yourself.

Once you have successfully registered, select the (SIGN IN) option to log on using your User Name and Password. The courses you registered for will come up.
How do I know what courses I have registered for
Once you have successfully logged on, you can click on the little white triangle next to your name on the top right of the screen and select the "Course Dashboard" option.

You will now be able to have access to all the courses you are registered for. To select a course simply click on "Go to Class"

You will also find your final results and the copy of your certificate here
Can I reclaim my SDL levy for non-accredited courses?
With SETA grants and accreditation requirements in South Africa, there is a misconception that organisations qualify for SETA grants only for accredited programmes. This is not correct. The payment of SETA grants is regulated by the Government Gazette, no. 9867, Vol. 570, 3 December 2012, no. 35940. These Regulations clearly state that the SETAs “must allocate a mandatory grant to a levy paying employer” that has submitted a WSP and ATR by the regulated date, has provided all the information required in the regulated template, and is up to date with skills levy payments. Furthermore, the template in the Regulations (Section C: Skills Development) allows employers to include ALL planned training in the report; not only accredited programmes.
So if you specify non-accredited training on your WSP (Workplace Skills Plan) you will still be eligible for the 20% mandatory grant
How long before I get my certificate once I have completed the course?
Within 10 working days after you have submitted your final quiz we will post your results on your dashboard. If you were successful your certificate will be uploaded at the same time.

If you chose the assessment option we will post your results only once we have received all the required assessment documentation.
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